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Abberley Village Hall is owned by the village and is run by a committee of trustees on a voluntary basis. It was constructed in 1994 and had its official opening in January 1995.

It was a project funded by the proceeds of the sale of the former village hall site, county council grants and a lot of fundraising by the trustees.

St George's Hall opening in 1937 by the Lady of the ManorPhoto courtesy Jane Sisterson (née Neath, of Church Farm),who's Maternal Grandfather, George Billingham is on the left.

History - St George's Hall

The previous village hall was built in 1937 funded by the village cricket club and W.I. At the time it was the only village hall in the local area with a sprung floor, which was ideal for dancing.

During the 2nd World War it was taken over by the Ministry and turned into a factory producing munitions for the war effort. It was this work that spoilt the sprung floor because huge amounts of water were used as part of the production process. In the 1960’s the floor was finally replaced after it totally collapsed.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s it was discovered that the hall had slipped on it’s foundations and the work to underpin the whole building would have cost thousands of pounds. On top of this new health and safety regulations were brought in and to bring the hall up to current standards required for disabled access etc was adding many more thousands of pounds to the bill and unfortunately there was no money available for the necessary refurbishment. However money through the council was available for new build projects so the decision was taken by the village that this was how they would get the modern facility that now stands.

If you have any photographs of the old Village Hall, or stories about events there over the years, please get in touch with the site's webmaster.